5 iSUP Accessories Every Paddle Boarder needs

As the summer sun begins to brighten each day, a great number are discovering the brilliance of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). This easy-to-begin activity has gained popularity over the past few years, being an accessible and exciting activity that can be enjoyed on lakes, rivers, and seafronts, of which the UK has many.

Paddleboards have two main varieties. One is the iconic, fixed-shape board that many will associate with SUP. The other is an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (iSUP), a variation that offers the same experience as a regular paddleboard but that can be quickly and easily compacted and carried, making it the ideal choice for those looking to get onto the water regularly.

If you’re considering getting your own iSUP and getting started with a paddleboarding adventure, then you might also want to consider the following five accessories, each of which has the potential to improve your new watersport activity.

Electric Pump

While inflating your iSUP isn’t necessarily a difficult task, those who paddleboard regularly might find themselves looking to expedite the process. This is where electric pumps are greatly valued because they simplify not only the inflation process but can expedite deflating the board too.

High-quality pumps will not only be compact but will also offer extra options for pressure sensitivity, allowing paddleboarders to ensure their board is inflated to a pressure that suits their comfort.

Silent Air Remover

Those familiar with the inflation and deflation process will also be aware of the noise involved. While there’s only a slight inconvenience of sound when deflating your paddleboard, hearing it each day you visit the water, especially with others turning to watch, can be a bothersome experience. Thankfully, there is the silent air remover, an item that deflates paddle boards discreetly, preventing extended periods of potential embarrassment.

Dry Bag

Whether you’re carrying with you essential items, photography equipment, or food and drink to enjoy out on the water, a dry bag is a must-have to safely contain your belongings when out on the water, especially for iSUP accessories that might be needed elsewhere. In addition to being robust and sturdy, dry bags will also be brightly coloured, to ensure they remain easily spotted.

UV iSUP Sock

Occasionally, and when paddleboarding regularly, you are likely to keep your board inflated during sessions. While this is a perfectly safe practice, it is best to cover your iSUP in a UV sock, one that protects the board from sunlight damage. Not only will a sock help your board to retain its quality but it will also lessen the stress placed upon seams.


Paddleboard bags are highly recommended, not only for the ease of transportation but also for the protection they offer your iSUP. At the end of your paddleboarding session, iSUPs can be compacted and stored in a paddleboarding backpack, making them easy to carry. Then, they can be left inside the backpack during storage, preventing damage, deterring dust, and keeping them free from scratches.

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