6 Outdoor Activities Anyone Can Do & Enjoy



Spending time outdoors, immersed in nature, is an important part of a healthy routine. It allows individuals to escape from the stress of daily life, as well as to engage in physical activity in an environment that is often stunning with beautiful vistas and tranquil landscapes.

Many choose to pursue an outdoor activity too, giving themselves not only a good motivation to regularly venture outside but also to learn more about the environment or to engage in their physical and mental health. For others, outdoor activity is a social event too and they are motivated to be outdoors not only for its many benefits but also as a setting within which to engage with others too.

Not all outdoor activities demand a high level of physical ability nor an immediate and intimate knowledge of the landscape for individuals to enjoy. In fact, today we’re sharing six of the best outdoor activities that just about anyone can do and enjoy.

Wild Swimming

Swimming is known for its low-impact workout, welcoming those of all ages and abilities. The activity, however, is not limited to indoor pools and has found immense popularity in wild lakes and oceans too. If there are any open and accessible bodies of water nearby to your location, there’s also likely to be a dedicated wild swimming community too, as well as the ability to enjoy an outdoor adventure all year round.


One for the curious and creative puzzle solvers out there, geocaching is an outdoor activity that is similar to treasure hunting. Involving a widespread and welcoming community, geocaching is not only a great way to become better acquainted with the environment but can also help like-minded individuals across the country too.


Stand-up paddleboarding is an activity that, like wild swimming, can be enjoyed with most bodies of water. Allowing individuals to comfortably navigate their way across lakes and seafronts, paddleboarding can benefit those seeking unique views, quiet respites, and secret locations, such as caves and coves. Just remember that, when exploring new areas, life vests are a must!


For those with an interest in cooking or ecology, foraging is an activity that everyone can begin to enjoy. Whether collecting berries on a summer day or hunting for rare fungi during a rainy autumn morning, it is an endeavour that newcomers and experienced individuals enjoy alike. There are a number of classes available for beginners and, promising you only eat when you know, you’ll remain safe.


One of the most widely enjoyed outdoor activities within the UK, rambling remains ever popular due to its accessibility and the wonderful experiences it offers. Depending on your physical ability, as well as your interest in experiencing different landscapes, rambling enables walkers to explore everything from pastoral flats to rocky mountains.


For those by the coast, snorkelling can open up a world of exciting new experiences. In addition to being a gently physical and accessible activity, it allows individuals to seek out underwater worlds, as a way to spot aquatic life or to begin seeking out lost treasures!

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