Best Climbing Spots For Kids and Beginners 

The struggle with the elements as well as the aching muscles are making rock climbing increasingly popular as a way to stay in shape, improve your fitness, and have some fun while doing it. Many people are choosing to engage in some recreational sports today, whether they are a beginner just starting out on climbing adventures or a seasoned adrenaline junkie. It can be a great deal of fun, but if you are a novice, you should only do it in a supervised situation and while wearing protective gear.

Climbing may seem like it demands a lot of upper body strength, but when you start out you should focus more on learning balance, positioning, and adjusting your weight. Here are some areas where you can find rock climbing in the UK for kids and beginners.

  1. Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire

Brimham is famous for its varied and dramatic natural landscape, making it an ideal location for climbing. Children from the age of seven can experience various family-friendly events.

They offer:

  • Bouldering: This is the easiest and most varied climbing technique as it involves placing a crash pad (or bouldering mat) below the rock face and exploring the lower part of the rock. Instructors keep an eye on safety and assist with equipment like chalk and tape. Brimham has many ideal locations and interesting rock shapes to try this out.
  • Roped climbing: At Brimham, the taller rock faces overlook the breathtaking Lower Nidderdale valley. Instructors use ropes to recreate the security of an indoor climbing wall.
  • Weaselling: Ideal for children, it involves scrambling through tight spaces, around narrow passageways, and exploring the many nooks and crannies the rocks have to offer.
  1. The Lake District, Cumbria

Gorge scrambling at Stickle Ghyll is perfect for challenging beginners and children as young as five. There are many activities to choose from at the Great Langdale campsite, including bouldering. Fell Foot Park offers ropes, knots and carabiners for climbing trees.

  1. Carneddau and Glyderau, Snowdonia

The slabs and faces of Tryfan and Cwm Idwal are famous climbing spots. Training is available at the National Mountaineering Centre at Plas y Brenin for kids, beginners, and experienced climbers.

  1. Brecon Beacons, Powys

They offer indoor climbing for beginners, as well as outdoor climbing sessions for more experienced climbers.

  1. Trevor Rocks

A stunning setting in the Upper Dee Valley above Llangollen in North East Wales. Over 150 climbing routes run along the embankment with excellent views of the remains of Dinas Bran Castle, a mediaeval Welsh fort.

The rugged northern landscape of the UK is an ideal climbing destination for those who value diversity and natural beauty above all else. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you prefer trad climbing or bouldering, there’s an adventure for you to choose from at Beyonk. These climbing spots are ideal to whet your appetite till you are ready to explore more difficult rock climbing excursions.

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