No To Expensive Storage Lockers – Yes To Affordable Stasher

Are you traveling and have been stopped at the Victoria station? Perhaps, your next travel schedule will be hours after, but you are tired of waiting. Well, you have all the chance to visit some of the tourist attractions around the place. But, you are worried about your luggage, since it will be a burden for you to carry it all the time.

The luggage storage with Stasher is open 24/7 service near Victoria station. Some people leave their stuff in the station lockers, which can be costly. But, there is another alternative to that. Why not spend that expensive service charge on something worth buying?

Stasher luggage storage

Stasher luggage storage services are helping passengers who want to stay at ease while waiting for their next trip. Whether it can be hours after or days after, your luggage will be handled with care. There is no need to bring your heavy luggage with you all the time

Everyone can freely visit tourist spots in Victoria without the need of bringing all not-so-important stuff to a hotel. You can leave and store your luggage at the nearby luggage storage of Stasher. Stasher luggage storage is offering you the most convenient and safest way to keep your stuff in a protected place.


Here are the guarantees of choosing Stasher:

  • Insured luggage
  • Anytime booking
  • Nearby station
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Affordable

These may only be a few guarantees but nobody can refuse these. Rather than choosing expensive station lockers, why not choose the cheaper one. It saves you a lot of money, especially if your next travel will be on the other day or 2 days after. One more thing about Stasher is being a legit luggage storage service.

Stasher is partnered with 5-starred hotels in place that makes them more reliable and trustworthy when it comes to keeping your bags.

How long is the distance?

The distance from the station is just a 5-minute walk. So, it is not as far as what you are thinking. Since it can be reached by walk, you don’t need to spend much, specifically the fare. But, when you have more bags and can’t be managed with you alone, then you can ride for a small charge.

The 5-minute walking distance is actually not a hassle for anyone since the place is not hot nor that so-cold. Since it is your first step on Victoria station or Kings Cross, walking around is not tiring though.

Online booking

For those thinking about how to book for Stasher, you can use a handy app on your mobile device. Using the app, you can choose a location near Stasher nearby, where you can leave luggage safely. Some of you might not be aware of how the app can be used – it is easy.

The handy app is as easy as some other apps you are using since it is easy to navigate. Simply search for a nearby location of Stasher and choose from the services they offer.

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