The best spots to explore by boat this summer!

Boating holidays are becoming more and more affordable with plenty of services to charter a bareboat for weeks in the Mediterranean or simply rent one for the day in one of the top destinations. We compiled here for you the very finest destinations to enjoy a day or many on the water and cruise in the best waters. Whether you are looking for a natural escape or a vibrant atmosphere, you will find the best destinations here!


You cannot talk about boating without starting with the pearl of the Mediterranean. The city of Monaco is a heaven for the rich and famous, on the glamorous French Riviera. The town offers plenty of dining and entertainment options, to seduce all yachtsmen! The cruising grounds surrounding the city-state are some of the finest in the world, with private and secluded bays, in Roquebrune, la Mala and St Jean Cap Ferrat, while others feature the most iconic beach clubs of the Riviera. Drop anchor in front of Anjuna, or Paloma beach and enjoy a stunning in the most vibrant beach clubs. The Port Hercules features plenty of options to rent a boat in Monaco!


Gaining in popularity year or year, Mykonos is greek heaven on the water. With whitewashed buildings, sandy beaches and now world-class accommodation, the Greek town is an established hot spot for the jet set. Exploring the crystal clear waters of the Greek Islands have to be done aboard a boat! Drop anchor in front of the iconic Nammos to enjoy an electric day on the beach with champagne flowing and some of the finest cuisine. 


Part of the Balearics Islands, the most party-oriented one of the three has been in the world’s spotlight for the last years. With the most iconic clubs being on the island, whether you are looking for an electronic party at night or a more chill house vibe at a beach club during a laid back afternoon you will find what you are looking for on this stunning island. The cruising grounds are simply ideal, with crystal clear waters and some of the finest beaches. Most fo the beach clubs of the island now have tender services ideal to pick up guests. 


The second spot in the South of France, the city of Cannes has been the favoured destination of the world’s elites for generations. With British aristocrats and Russian Royals mixing together in the iconic Croisette, there is a wealth of history in the French Town. The Iles de Lérines, just off the coast of Cannes have to be explored by boat. Drop anchor in front of the iconic La Guérite and enjoy the Art de Vivre à la Francaise! Before meeting your friends in their villas in Cannes, you can take a quick spin to the Massif de LEsterel and explore the rugged coastline. 


The Italian Riviera isn’t to be overlooked when exploring the Mediterranean by boat. With iconic cities like Capri, which have been the privileged destinations of Roman Emperors, there are millennials of history on the Italian Coastline. Enjoy the Dolce Vita aboard a traditional Italian vessel before heading for diner in the iconic  Da Paolino, a restaurant surrounded by lemon trees. For a more luxurious and gourmet experience, you can head to Quattro Passi in Nerano. 

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