What should you see and where should you go on the occasion of Monaco’s National Day?

On November 19, numerous countries throughout the world observe “Day of the Sovereign Prince.” This holiday has been observed without interruption since 1857, and there is no reason to believe that it will be observed in any form this year. The Town Hall of Monaco has already ensured that every inhabitant of the Principality is taken care of for this festive occasion, and it has planned a program of free events suited for both adults and children of all ages. Furthermore, the Town Hall has ensured that all activities are family-friendly. In this edition, our Monaco magazine advises the following activities:

In Monte Carlo, a musical comedy that will make you laugh out loud.

Following that, at 21:00 on the same day as the drone display, Les Franglaises will perform at Espace Léo Ferré. The group will perform a spiritual musical comedy presentation with some of the best English tunes sung in French translation.

A performance featuring the cello and violin was held in Monte-Carlo.

Camille Berthollet and her sister Julie Berthollet’s concert on November 19 at 8:00 p.m. will serve as the National Holiday’s conclusion. As part of their performance, they will reinvent “the captivating universe of yesterday’s and today’s series via the most exquisite musical themes” on the violin and cello.

Anyone interested in attending events at the Espace Léo Ferré must fill out an application in order to be eligible for an invitation. Applicants will be given their tickets only after presenting a valid form of identification, a residence card, or a family book for children who are state residents.

In Monte Carlo, beatboxing performs targeting younger audiences.

Children of at least five years old are welcome to a showing of the film Oggy and the Cockroaches on Wednesday, November 9, at three o’clock in the afternoon at the Espace Léo Ferré. The audience will be shown the film. Loopstation SARO and Alexinho, two of the world’s best beatboxers, will be in charge of crafting a redesigned soundtrack for a cartoon. They will transport you to the world of Oggy, an anthropomorphic blue cat with a clown nose who is continuously bothered by three cockroaches. They will accompany you on this adventure inside Oggy’s universe. This tour will feature amusing moments, music, and mouth noises.

A spectacular drone display is currently going place over the Monte-Carlo castle.

On the evening of Friday, November 18, at about 8:00 p.m., a total of 200 lighted drones will soar above the Principality of Monaco. The performance, which will last twelve minutes and will be put on by MC-Clic, will take place in the air over the Prince’s Palace as ambient music plays in the background.

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