Why Do People Love Living in Nashville?



Nashville is the country music capital of the world and an incredible place to live if you love live music and fantastic entertainment.  If you’re considering moving out here but aren’t sure if the city is the best match for you: it could be!

These are the top reasons why other people love living in Nashville and why it could suit you too!

Fantastic Music Scene

There’s no talking about Nashville without discussing its music scene!  Not only is Nashville a top place for country music, but it also has an incredible rock scene and a huge blues and soul music community.  This is largely in part to soul music being the original sound of the area, but it’s evolved and changed through the years, so country music is the main star.

When you visit, you’ll find countless restaurants, bars, and venues that offer live music every night you live here, which will keep you endlessly entertained!

Affordable Living

Housing has become impossibly expensive across the country, but Nashville houses for rent are something else!  Not only are they affordable, but these spacious properties allow you to spread out and make a dream home for yourself.

Nashville does have its more expensive areas, but generally, this city has space for everyone, and you won’t need to worry about getting a roommate in the same way you might if you moved to LA or NYC.

Incredible Industry Jobs

Industry jobs are a huge deal here!  If you love music and want to go into it, whether you want to be a DJ, singer, guitarist, or producer: there’s work for you here.  You might not immediately make it as a huge star and big name, but by networking and getting to know the area, you’ll be able to make connections that help you build your career into something fantastic.

The average pay is generally lower here for everyone outside of the industry, but since living is so affordable within the city, it’s not that large of a loss.

Great Weather Year Round

If you want to get the best of every season, it’s time to head to Nashville!  The summers are hot and easy, filling the role as a true southern heat like nothing else.  In the fall, you can watch countless trees and greenery shift into beautiful gold and red hues, and winter allows a scattering of snow that allows a taste of the cold without overwhelming you.  When spring comes back around, this area is the greenest place on Earth.

Nashville is the best place to go if you want the best of every season without having to travel constantly!

Community Vibes

Due to the local churches, and incredible communities, you’ll feel a strong connection the moment you arrive.  Even if you’re not religious, you’ll get to know your neighbors faster here, which will help you settle in and feel at home.  Having a support network is an awesome way to ensure you never feel alone in your new hometown.

Nashville Feels Like Home

Whether you’re new to the state or you’re driving over from Memphis, Nashville will instantly feel like home the moment you arrive.  There’s nothing like this city and how it feels to live here.

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